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Kehidupan adalah anugerah utama Ilahi. Anugerah khdupan ini memberi gambaran kebesaran-Nya buat kita semua. Anugerah ini wajib kita syukuri dan haragai. Internet adlh kemudahan buat umat manusia yg tdk kira umur, pangkat, agama, bangsa, Negara dan yg sewaktu dgnnya. Justeru itu, manfaatkanlah ia utk kesejahteraan diri kita dan umat sejagat. Sentiasalah kita beringat bhw apa shja yg kita lakukan akan dip't/jawabkan pda kemudian hari.

Gunakan sebaik-baiknya kurnia Allah swt kpd kita. Halalkan kegunaan akal. Hati dan lidah pda perkara yg bakal membawa kpd kecemerlangan diri kita samaada di dunia mahupun di akhirat. Kita hidup hanya sekali. Sekali ‘pergi’ tak akan ‘kembali’. Bak pepatah melayu,’buat baik berpada-pada dan buat jahat JANGAN sekali’. Kewujudan website ini dgn blog sbg wadah utk meningkatkan nilai diri. Bermatlamatkan penyatuan ummah dgn ciri-ciri kemurnian budi dan budaya. Walaupun dunia terus maju dgn teknologi, kita seharusnya terus mengekalkan akhlak dan jati diri insani.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daily Leads

Daily Leads

Who Wants More Leads?

This offer is to everyone that
wants to EXCEL in 2009!

ALL Infinity Downline

Members get DOUBLE LEADS

on top of whatever package you pick!

Introducing our latest creation for those of you that

want a steady flow of leads to contact.

How about DAILY LEADS!

*These are emailed to your email box 7 days a week!

OK, here's the bottom line. We purchase millions of leads a month. Once we get them, we only sell these leads to 3-4 other people.

*All leads are under 30 days old
Opt in Leads have full data including IP and date stamp and are generally considered good for large scale emailing via your favorite auto-responder or mailing program.
Survey Leads are targeted for home-based business people that would like to make additional money from home. They have full data and include 6-9 answered questions from the survey they filled out. These are generally good to mail but are best to contact via phone.

Here is a sample of what the survey leads would include. It is not limited to this and may change from time to time but these questions are very consistent with what they answer.

  • How much time can you devote?

  • How much money do you want to make?

  • When can you get started?

  • How much money can you put into getting started?

  • Have you ever run a home-based business before?

  • Why do you want to do this?

  • + more

But wait!!!!
We are also including these
amazing bonuses...

Bonus Product #1:

"How to Get A Continuous Stream Of Targeted, Responsive Traffic to Your Site … Quickly, Easily, And Cheaply! And Then, Turn Them Into Loyal, Repeat Buyers!"

Can you handle getting thousands of "buying customers" to your site every month? How about setting up simple traffic streams that continuously flow targeted, responsive buyers to your site for months, even years to come?

Bonus Product #2:

The step-by-step guide to using ethical and responsible email marketing that all the big boys and girls are using right now to make their profits skyrocket, without ever using spam!

Bonus Product #3 and #4:

Email Auto Format is a desktop based software program that will help make sure your emails get through to your subscribers.

Plus Get This Additional Report -

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Email White-Listed, and Delivered Every Time!

The Email Auto Format software, and the special report "3 Easy Steps To Get Your Email White-Listed and Delivered Every Time" are completely up to date, cutting edge information and software.

Sample web site here

Bonus Product #5:

Power List Building

Video Training - (Easy Download PDF Delivery)

Get this great 4 part video training course and you'll discover a unique and powerful way to continuously suck more targeted customer leads into your business . . .

. . . On complete autopilot!

No Huge Files To Download - All Videos Are Accessible From Within The One PDF File.

Bonus Product #6:

New Desk-Top Based Sonic Opt-In !

Here's The Secret To Growing Your Opt-In List Fast -- And Filled With Laser Targeted Prospects!

Bonus Product #7

Email Marketing 2006


Here's What This Power Application Does:

Making your product irresistible.. page42
Testimonials: A marketer’s best 44.
Spam-Me-Not: Avoiding too much 47
Spam filters: Is your message zap-proof? 49

Over 100 pages!
Drive traffic to your site/ Build your opt-in list and more..

Bonus Product #8

E@sy List Cleaner

List Cleaning Is
Now A Breeze

Announcing A Simply Way To Clean Any Email List In Just Seconds!

$27 Retail value... yours free.

Bonus Product #9

Fireball Secrets to List Building

Discover How To Build Massive Opt-in Lists On A Tight Budget No Matter What Niche You Want To Target Or How Competitive That Market Is - I Guarantee You This Book Is What You Need When It Comes To List Building Ideas!

$37 Retail Value... Yours Free

Bonus Product #10

List Management Secrets

Profitable List Building & Effective Management Methods Will Show You How To Generate More Customers And Profit From Your Number One Promotion Resource

$47 Retail Value... Yours Free

Bonus Product #11

Mailing List Gold

Discover How YOU Can Profit From Your Mailing List With Every Way Possible - From The Moment Your Subscriber Visits Your Lead Capture Page Until He Receives E-mails From You - At Cult Status! Finally...
Retail Value $37... Yours FREE

Bonus Product #12

Opt In list Building for Beginners

“The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Very Own Responsive Opt-In Mailing List!”

Retail Value $67...

Yours FREE

Bonus Product #13

37 List Building Secrets37 Best List Building Secrets Exposed!

"Would You Like To Discover How To Instantly Triple The Size Of Your Opt-in Lists Virtually Overnight Without Breaking The Bank?"
"37 Of The Hottest Most Profitable Opt-in List Building Secrets."

Retail Value $37... Yours FREE

Bonus Product #14

List Builder Mentor System

"Brand New List Building System Shows You Exactly How To Build A List That Will Throw Their Money At You Over and Over Again!"

Retail Value $47... Yours FREE

All the above valued at over $400!

All the above bonus items are your included for free and yours to keep.

Just select from one of the 4 packages below...

Order today and get started!

Bronze Package #1 $20

Get 2,000 opt in leads and 25 survey leads a day

*Each package has a one-time $5 set-up fee added.
*Monthly recurring billing until cancelled.

Silver Package #2 $35

Get 4,000 opt in leads and 50 survey leads a day

*Each package has a one-time $5 set-up fee added.
*Monthly recurring billing until cancelled.

Gold Package #3 $55

8,000 opt in leads and 75 survey leads a day

*Each package has a one-time $5 set-up fee added.
*Monthly recurring billing until cancelled.

Platinum Package #4 $100

20,000 opt in leads and 100 survey leads a day

*Each package has a one-time $5 set-up fee added.
*Monthly recurring billing until cancelled.

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